Dr. Daniel Wesley Robinson

Clinical Neuropsychologist & Licensed Psychologist

Welcome to 2 Peaks Center for Neuropsychology

Dr. Daniel Robinson is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Licensed Psychologist with over 33 years of experience in mental health. He is licensed in both Colorado and Wyoming and offers his services in both states.

Because Neuropsychologists are very rare, referring your patients to one may not be a routine part of your practice, but it should be. Neuropsychologists combine some of the expertise of a neurologist, psychiatrist and psychologist. I can provide you with an accurate diagnosis as well as treatment options for your patients with ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer’s and other Dementias, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, post-stroke, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and more. I can provide competency testing to determine a patient’s ability to make decisions and live independently.

At 2 Peaks we also offer Cognitive Rehabilitation services for a variety of conditions. I am one of the few Neuropsychologists in Colorado and the only in Wyoming, to offer these types of treatments. This program helps cognitively-impaired individuals achieve as close-to normal functioning by learning to compensate for cognitive deficits.

We always include family members/significant others in all phases of patient care: intake, testing and results. We provide follow-up sessions with patients and their families to help support and develop comprehensive, robust treatment plans. I am also available to provide house calls for patients with limited mobility. We accept most major insurances, including Medicare/Medicaid.

I look forward to speaking with you personally about patients you think might benefit from Neuropsychological Evaluation and Treatment. I appreciate any future referrals you may make to us, and will insure that your patients receive the highest quality patient care. You can download our Patient Referral Form below or via the link in the top menu bar.

Most Major Insurances Accepted

MONDAY - FRIDAY | 9am - 6pm SATURDAY & SUNDAY | by Appointment Available for House Calls 970.797.0446